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@niemanlab archives: February 2012

The story of the Three Little Pigs, were it to break today 
What’s the most effective correction style for online news? Study suggests prompt, obvious, in-line 
PSA: @paidContent & @gigaom are hiring a reporter to cover media and advertising in New York #jobs 
“Facebook’s big idea … is that marketers should create ‘content’ that will double as an ad.” 
La Bougie du Sapeur, a quadrennial French newspaper, far outsells the dailies #leapdaymiracle 
RT @mingyeow: What the heck happened to Friendster? Amazing how things change. :/ 
ICYMI: @HacksHackers has a new jobs newsletter #jobs 
Small papers in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri report early success with paywalls via @SmartBrief 
Google once considered issuing its own currency, before realizing it was mostly illegal 
Five promising projects seen at #nicar12, the annual data-journalism conference 
The @nytimes upgraded to Facebook Timeline… with content going all the way back to 1851 #wow 
Good morning! Facebook has unveiled new brand pages; the switch happens in a month via @aschweig 
Twitter says promoted tweets and promoted accounts are heading to their mobile apps 
The Lab needs you! We’re hiring two (paid) interns for this summer! Applications due Friday 
What regional papers lackluster record with paywalls means for Gannett’s new digital plan 
PSA: The New York World is looking for a deputy editor 
With new talent from The Atlantic and The Boston Globe Miller-McCune wants to go mainstream 
Why the revamped Knight News Challenge is looking for builders and pragmatists. Also, chihuahua lovers 
PSA: Knight News Challenge winner Poderopedia is looking for a developer to work in Chile for a year 
Congratulations to @TheAtavist on being a National Magazine Award digital finalist 
With Gannett’s digital subscription plans are we crossing a saturation point for paywalls? 
New survey from TV Guide says social media does indeed increase TV viewership #spoilers 
The New York Times has launched a new Tumblr for their archive photos called “The Lively Morgue” 
Friendly reminder: @ONA has extended the deadline to pitch session ideas for #ONA12 in San Francisco 
Look out, Atlantic: Miller-McCune branches out beyond its wonky base, relaunching as Pacific Standard 
The latest “Why’s this so good?” from @niemanstory: the terrors of Newark — 
How analytics company JumpTime calculates the value of publishers content in real-time 
AJ Daulerio talks about balancing high-traffic blogging and “magazine-y” stories on Gawker 
How WIRED wrote a story about GitHub and published it…on GitHub 
Good morning! Is Google+ a “virtual ghost town?” comScore suggests people sign up and do nothing 
Hacker Monthly is a (success) story about the value of curation, community, and, for some, print 
The revamped Knight News Challenge is now open: A call for builders and pragmatists 
Video, highlights of @khanfarw’s M.I.T. talk about Al Jazeera, social media, and the Arab Spring 
Couldn’t say it better ourselves: Apply today for Nieman Journalism Lab’s paid summer internship (thx @elanazak!) 
“What will upend journalism next?” Responses to this month’s #jcarn prompt 
We’re extending a warm welcome to Collaboration Central, a new site from @PBSMediaShift 
The Providence Journal launches a paywall tomorrow with 10 subscription tiers 
The (pay)Wall Street Journal is withholding some stories from Google’s “First Click Free” program 
Applications are now open for the revamped Knight News Challenge: Also, @michaelmaness with a chihuahua. 
Online goes offline: Hacker Monthly is the best of @newsycombinator, printed, and it’s turning a profit 
“Advertising is now the minority of FT revenue, with content sales 58%. And digital is now 47% of revenue.” 
The verdict is in from @jayrosen_nyu on NPR’s new ethics policy: “Bravo.” 
New, essential reading on the age-old linking debate: @felixsalmon and @stevebuttry 
A look inside Al Jazeera and the Arab media with @khanfarw, its former leader 
The @washingtonpost is stepping into paid content with a new iPad app for politics 
Good morning! For its latest dump, WikiLeaks collaborated with a new partner: Anonymous 
This Week in Review: A nonprofit news dead-end in Chicago, and political meddling in Philly 
Tea Leaf Nation: A look at China through a social media lens 
The newsonomics of hyperlocal’s next round: Patch, Digital First, and more 
A partnership too valuable to give up: Why The Miami Herald and WLRN are sticking together