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When a stream is just a trickle: Last Great Thing is one item a day, no archives 
On World Press Freedom Day, the spread of mobile and publishing technology shifts the playing field #WPFD 
Are you a Hulu subscriber? Time Warner CEO thinks you should pay for cable: 
The newsonomics of Pricing 101 
“What e-books cost to manufacture or distribute is irrelevant to everyone but the publishers themselves” 
In Cambridge tonight at 5? @EthanZ and @steiny discuss how to improve government through crowdsourcing at MIT 
How spam is ruining hash tags… or hash tags are ruining spam 
From fanaticism to activism: @andrewslack helps communities of followers organize for social change 
Social Media is on its way to becoming the No. 1 source of digital media planning and buying 
Last Great Thing is an experiment to study our anxiety about information overload 
On World Press Freedom Day, how technology is expanding the definition of “journalist” #WPFD 
Billionaire Eli Broad wants to buy @latimes, but not yet 
It’s World Press Freedom Day. Here’s a map that shows what’s the situation on each country #WPFD 
Nine things we’ve learned from experiments in charging for news 
.@NBCPolitics just launched a 2012 election app for iPad 
How should journalists behave on Twitter? @stevebuttry has some answers: 
Good Morning! @Guardian is hosting today #activatenyc, a summit about social innovation. Watch the live stream here: 
The @knightfdn worked with a game developer to create a new local currency and engage communities 
The @BostonGlobe outlaws yesterday/today/tomorrow from copy to adapt to the pace of online news 
Later this week @TPM will switch to Facebook comments via @dangillmor 
Many thanks to @HarvardMagazine for covering the Lab! 
PSA for young journalists: Above the Fray, a joint fellowship with NPR, is accepting applications 
A game called Macon Money can teach newsrooms a lot about local, social engagement 
The Boston Globe killed yesterday yesterday. 
“Journalists are addicted to secrets.” Video with @cshirky on data journalism via @lisawilliams