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Almost sounds like a zany sitcom plot: Amazon will start making sitcoms 
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New research on how Twitter users display journalistic behaviors (even if they’re not journalists) 
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A new form of photography that’s both sculptural and photographic 
Out of bankruptcy, Minnesota’s largest newspaper sees some light at the end of the tunnel 
You might not be a journalist, but you play one on Twitter 
How 15 news orgs worked together to tell a single education story 
Women of the web, NBCU is building a think tank on you 
Photo of tranquilized bear falling from tree sparks copyright debate 
Digital accounts for 14.2 percent of total newspaper circulation, up from 8.66 percent last year 
Will Congress grill the FCC on its heavy redactions of the most damning parts of the Google WiFi report? 
Good morning! @Rihanna and @Beyonce define the social web spectrum, offer clues about our online future 
So many disappointed animals: How BuzzFeed addresses copyright for all those photos 
How DNAInfo focuses news on a neighborhood level (Oh, and FYI, they’re hiring) 
A Twitter case study on found on average 1,250 tweets were sent per day in a month 
“Take a step back and various lions making nice with all manner of lambs is not as odd as it sounds” 
EveryBlock has a new app out that combines location with content creation 
Columbia’s J-school is getting $2 million for practical journalism research 
Yahoo News has put together an Instagram gallery of photos from the White House Correspondents Dinner 
How the AP uses social media to report and distribute news 
So what exactly do publishers (and others) do with that subscription information readers give them? 
Buzzfeed’s Jonah Peretti on why display ads are an artifact that isn’t coming back 
Good morning! Gawker’s new comments have branches, what does that have to do with 
Agile, social, cheap: The new way NPR is trying to make radio 
Who or what exactly is The New York Times’ R&D Ventures? 
Approve This Message: Politics through Awl-colored glasses 
Gawker: We want to elevate the discourse about frogs who sit like humans [CHART] 
The newsonomics of 99-cent media 
As news shifts toward mobile, will text alerts get left behind? 
Worldcrunch wants to be the Internet’s Rosetta Stone for news 
MinnPost reaches five years of fundraising with MinnRoast 
Human-assisted reporting, mass intelligence, and mobile mobile mobile: What we learned at ISOJ 
Are you a young dude interested in news? All else equal, this study says you’re a top paywall target 
Wall Street Journal dives into live, continuous coverage with its new Markets Pulse stream 
Here’s what @NPR came up with for listeners who want radio that sounds more like them 
This Week in Review: Rupert Murdoch takes the stand, and pressure on young aggregators 
Pennsylvania’s York Daily Record uses quiz to help voters pick candidates reflecting their views 
Did you know the @NYTimes has a research and development lab? 
New Pew study finds 17 percent of Americans get no news every day via @Poynter 
Facebook and Twitter on TV? People like it, according to new research 
PSA: The @ONA is looking for an early-career digital coordinator 
Must-reads on verification in a real-time news era